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Meet Ankush Sungkur - Events and Sales lead at Ambre

July 05 2019

Mauritius is known for its gorgeous tropical landscapes and its extraordinary four- and five-star luxury resorts that border pristine golden beaches worthy of Instagram fame. But that’s not to say that all of these hotels are created equal, and hotels like Ambre, certainly stand out for an important reason.


Situated along the gorgeous and exotic east coast of Mauritius, the four-star, all-inclusive, adults-only Ambre is the quintessential tropical island hotel for those looking for a carefree holiday in paradise. From vibey bars and excellent restaurants to incredible, unique activities and experiences, Ambre really has something special for every guest. What really elevates the resort to a new level, however, is Ambre’s remarkable staff, who always do their utmost to exceed their guests’ expectations, such as Ankush Sungkur, the Event and Sales Lead who has been in the industry for 7 years.

We chatted to Ankush about his job and the hotel itself, and this is what we found out:

Why did you choose this job?

I pursued this job because I feel really comfortable in sales and this way, I can really live and breathe the hotel. Because I am here every day, I can gain a lot of insight and give a lot of value by working closely with all the departments.

What motivates you about your job?

I am very passionate about my job and I have a “can-do attitude” because every day in this role I am able to learn new things and I can both utilize and hone my skills, expertise and creativity. I love being challenged and enjoy pushing myself so I can satisfy a guest’s request. Because I am able to do this, I have organised over 900 weddings so far! This helps to motivate me to try harder and always do better. 

What about Ambre makes you excited about working there?

Many of the people who work at the hotel are similarly aged to me, so we really understand each other well and work wonderfully together. We all help each other to improve and perform better at our jobs—ultimately, we help each other to learn all the time.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I usually start work at 8 am. The first thing I do is look over my events for the day and plan my schedule accordingly. Then I reply to any and all queries on our social media channels and I attend to any event-related requests and questions. I often do some quotes with members of other departments and handle anything else that may come up. My day generally ends at 8 pm.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

In 5 years I hope to be an Executive Assistant Manager. 

What do you do in your free time?

I am a big football fan so I like to watch football matches with a beer in hand! I also like hiking and diving so I do that when I can.

What is your life motto?

If I had to choose one it would be this: “If there is something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.”

How do you handle an angry or dissatisfied customer?

The first thing I do is take the guest somewhere a bit discreet so they are able to air their frustrations freely. Then I listen carefully to the guest to understand what has upset them. I empathise with them and then I immediately take action to resolve the problem. Once it has been taken care of, I check in with the guest to see if they are satisfied.

Working in the hospitality industry implies being in a good mood all the time, how far do you agree on this?

Ankush Sungkur

I strongly agree - it’s important to always be friendly and professional.

How does the hotel motivate you to stay with them?

We are well supported and given all the tools necessary to do our jobs well.

What is your favourite thing about Ambre?

There’s a really wonderful vibe here amongst the staff and the guests. Everyone here is happy, friendly and positive.

Where do you see the tourism industry in 10 years?

I’m not entirely sure, although sometimes I worry that Mauritius is losing its legendary Mauritian hospitality. As technology advances and more things are put in place to replace the human element, I feel like much of this essence will be lost. Let’s hope I am not right.

How would you encourage someone to join the industry?

If I meet someone who works hard, is result-oriented, willing to make sacrifices and enjoys the type of work where you both entertain and are entertained, then I would encourage them to join the industry by letting them know the incredible benefits of working in such an exciting industry.

Why do you think your hotel stands out from all the rest?


I think we stand out because we are an adults-only, all-inclusive resort, which many of the others aren’t. It makes us special.

What signature offerings do you think are the best at your hotel? Please give us three of the most popular.  

- The signature cocktail upon arrival which is a mix of sugar cane granita, ginger and lime. It’s really great because it refreshes our guests and gives them a unique Mauritian experience at the same time.
- The adults-only experience which is not very common in Mauritius. 
- Our fabled Mauritian hospitality. 

What one experience at your hotel do you think is unmissable?

Definitely Ambre’s Creole night on the beach. 

What do you feel is unique about Mauritius? Why would you encourage guests to visit this destination as opposed to any other?

Mauritius is the only island in the Indian Ocean which is developed and its legendary hospitality precedes its reputation. It’s also safe, has political stability and a stable currency.

Name your favourite hotel activity.

Definitely a blissful treatment at the tropical spa.

Ambre Spa

What, in your opinion, is the ideal length of stay for a holiday in Mauritius to ensure guests can make the most of both the hotel and the surrounds?

I think 7 – 10 days is a good enough time. This way, guests can discover the history, food, naturals attractions of the island and are also able to breathe the fresh air and make the most of the hotel and its offerings. And those who have time and who need to be re-energized should definitely visit the Vortex at Riambel.

If you would like to enjoy a sublime, all-inclusive adults-only holiday in paradise, then Ambre is definitely the place to be. Get in touch with us for more information or to book your stay today!

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