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Independence Day of Mauritius Celebrated in Style at Ambre

March 07 2018

Mauritius is renowned as an island of abundant tropical surrounds, mesmerising azure waters, teeming with vivid marine life, unparalleled luxury hotels and a stunning culture with a sublime local food scene that is made up of mouthwatering, rich dishes. What many don’t know, however, is that this idyllic island has a fascinating—albeit convoluted—history.
Said to have been uninhabited until 1598, the stunning island of Mauritius had a long path through European settlers, colonists, the slave trade, indentured labourer and more to finally reach its independence in 1968—a momentous day for the beautiful people of this island. This hugely important day is celebrated in style across the island every year, and even more so this year, it being the 50th anniversary of independence in Mauritius on the 12th of March 2018. 
If you are staying at the fabulous four-star Ambre on the 12th of March this year, then there’s really no reason to leave your hotel in search of Independence Day celebrations, as the hotel will mark this auspicious day in the most phenomenal ways. If you have booked (or would like to book) a stay at Ambre for the 50th anniversary of independence in Mauritius, this is what you can look forward to: 
The flag raising ceremony
As is the tradition on the 12th of March, the Independence Day celebrations will commence at 10:00 with a customary flag raising ceremony and a welcome speech, where the wonderfully colourful flag of Mauritius will be hoisted with pride (and briefly explained) and the National Anthem will be sung as the day that Mauritius gained its independence is remembered. At Ambre, this event will take place around the stunning fountain area, which plays a central role in many of Ambre’s special events. 
This important event will be open to all of the guests staying at Ambre as well as all of the hotel associates (who will be singing the Mauritian National Anthem) and is sure to be a truly magical moment to be a part of. The flag raising ceremony will be followed by the Independence Day of Mauritius fair which will take place throughout the lobby and the fountain area. 
The fair will be a colourful array of stalls that offer guests Mauritian poutou rice cakes, sugar cane juice, Mauritian tea, the local (and much-loved) ice treat called glacon rape, popcorn, tamarind juice, cotton candy, traditional fruit preserves and much more. These will be served by associates dressed in local garments that include sherwani (a long coat-like garment), sega skirts and churidar (a type of trousers). There will also be a type of mini “museum” from 1968, showcasing important elements of the island’s interesting history. 
Independence Day-themed mealtimes
If you are one for extraordinary, authentic and immersive experiences, then ensuring that you are in Mauritius for on the 12th of March is a must! The beauty of this exceptional day—especially when you stay at the magnificent all-inclusive Ambre—is that it filters into every aspect of Mauritian life and one of the very best parts of experiencing the Independence Day of Mauritius, is getting to try the exquisite culinary delights
When you walk to the Indigo restaurant for breakfast on the morning of the 12th of March, you will already notice vibrant and festive decor around the hotel. The breakfast will consist of slightly different offerings to usual, with beautifully presented local food and drink (as well as exciting live cooking stations). 

chefs in the indigo restaurant at ambre hotel mauritius
Between the local food served in generous portions at the breakfast buffet and the food stalls at the fair (apart from what has already been mentioned above), guests can explore the likes of roast peanuts (made in the traditional Mauritian way by using sand), grilled maize, eggplant and tomato chutney on charcoal, litti (a type of bread), deep-fried Dhall Tekwa, local fruits (which include exotic fruits such as rousaille, bilimbi and jamboss), masala curries and more, many of which are cooked at fabulous live cooking stations. 

Lunch, for those who didn’t get their full in the morning, will see a beautifully decorated buffet lunch at Indigo. Guests at Ambre on the all-inclusive package looking for a slightly different experience should head to Dolce Vita where there will be a special offering of seven different curries where ti puri (a satisfying type of bread that has been deep-fried) will be served on banana leaves and each guests’ hands will be ceremoniously washed using lota (an Indian water jug) and thali (a plate). The food will be both cooked and served by the esteemed chef. 

Dinner will provide yet another opportunity to indulge in the Independence Day of Mauritius celebrations with Indigo’s Mauritian buffet and vivid decorations elegantly placed around the hotel as well as on the tables. For those that would like to opt for the international fare instead, Dolce Vita and La Plage will be offering à la carte dining.

Traditional clothing 
Throughout the hotel on the 12th of March, guests will be able to get a better understanding of the wonderful Mauritian culture as well as some of their traditional clothing. Everyone from the spa associates—who will be dressed in traditional sarees and dhoti (which are similar to baggy, knee-length trousers)—and front of house (who will also be revealing how guests might have been welcomed and checked in the past) to the chefs will be donning beautiful local and historical clothing in celebration of the Independence Day of Mauritius.
Activities and exhibitions in celebration of independence
Guests are afforded ample opportunity to take part in the festivities of the 50th anniversary of independence in Mauritius and indulge in the vibe of this celebration both on the 12th of March and a few days before. The housekeeping department will showcase what old-style Mauritian houses were like at the Independence Day fair with bedding and amenities from the time and the spa team will show what a spa might have been like in the 1960s, with a thatched house, massage bed and interesting local medicinal plants used for certain treatments. 
There will be old tools and equipment used in the past displayed, special 50th anniversary t-shirts available and guests will be able to explore Mauritian history as they look through the excellent historic photo exhibition (with short films and pictures having been showcased in the two to three days leading to the 12th). There will also be a fantastic performance by the Steve Band during the fair.
This momentous day will end with a superb cultural spectacle that will take place at approximately 20:30 on the 12th by the fountain area and is an absolute must-see. 
If you are worried about missing any of these events, fear not! All of these wonderful moments and spectacles will be clearly outlined in a special day programme for the Independence Day of Mauritius in the “What’s On” that can be found around the hotel as well as inserted on the teletext on the TVs in the rooms. Guests at Ambre will also be invited to the Independence Day fair directly, with a personalised note sent to their rooms.
Don’t miss out on a special, authentic, immersive Mauritian experience and book your stay at Ambre Mauritius this March to experience the 50th anniversary of independence in this magical country. 

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