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Holiday Chef at Ambre

April 30 2019

Sprawled along the dazzling east coast of Mauritius, Ambre - one of the four stunning Mauritian resorts in the Sun Resorts portfolio - is a unique tropical oasis that offers adults (from the age of 16) an all-inclusive luxury experience. A holiday spent at Ambre is typically characterised by exceptional food and drink, daily activity programmes, excellent service, luxuriant tropical surrounds and unique signature offerings, created with the intention of ensuring each guest has the island holiday of their lives. 

Part of the sublime offerings unique to Ambre are their Timeless Memories signature experiences, occasional classes and the exhilarating Holiday Chef competition, which draws inspiration from some of the most popular cooking shows from around the world.

The ultimate activity for gourmets, the first edition of this year’s Holiday Chef took place on 24 April 2019, and it was a roaring success with the most breathtaking of backdrops. 

If you are a foodie interested in taking part of Ambre’s Holiday Chef, here’s what you need to know about this fun-filled competition:

It’s a fabulous way to discover Mauritian cuisine

Mauritian Cuisine

One of the best parts of the Holiday Chef competition is that it allows avid culinary enthusiasts and those eager to try the flavoursome local cuisine the perfect opportunity to not only do so but to learn how to achieve the distinct and novel Mauritian flavours. It’s an enjoyable way to experience the local cuisine not to mention an incredibly memorable one. 

Couples pair up and compete against each other

Holiday Chef

Another great reason to participate in Ambre’s Holiday Chef is that you get to revel in the experience with your significant other. The competition centres on couples who are in Mauritius enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime holiday in paradise, and encourages them to cook off against other couples from the resort (which gives holidaymakers a wonderful opportunity to make new friends). The couples are then made to cook a typical dish or decorate a cake with the help of one of Ambre’s esteemed chefs.

April’s event was a huge hit

For the April edition of Holiday Chef, participants were tasked with creating a hugely popular Mauritian dish, chicken and pea curry. Equal measures fun and challenging, the couples were given an hour and a half to discover and create this marvellous dish, after which each dish was presented to the judges, with the highly respected Executive Chef at Ambre, Chef Kallooa at the helm.

Holiday Chef

The dishes were scored based on taste, balance, creativity and presentation (as well as a number of other factors) with a French couple, Mr and Mrs Roux, being named the winners. The assistant chef and all of the contestants were then awarded a certificate of excellence - a special reminder of this novel experience and something they can treasure far after their holiday is over. 

The next Holiday Chef competition will take place in July 

Participating in the Holiday Chef competition is a wonderful experience, and for those who would like to ensure they are there for the next instalment, it is set to take place in July 2019. Keep an eye on Ambre’s social media posts for more updates and information or get in touch with Ambre directly. 

With an array of magical and surprising offerings and activities, a holiday at this tropical haven is bound to be truly spectacular. 

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