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Make Your Own Timeless Memories at Ambre

December 26 2017

There’s something about travelling that supersedes just being able to check things off of your bucket list and post phenomenal and brag-worthy pictures on social media. It’s about deepening your bond with your beloved, friends or family and enjoying incredible moments and unforgettable experiences in unbelievable settings. It’s about learning to be present, to remember what it means to enjoy the finer moments and things of life. And at Ambre, the phenomenal four-star hotel situated on Mauritius’ breathtaking east coast, the gorgeous sandy beach and tropical azure waters dazzle even the most discerning guests. This is a phenomenal hideaway, filled with all of the wonders of an island escape.
The all-inclusive, adults-only (Ambre accepts guests from the age of 16) resort has a host of incredible offerings. Guests have a choice of unbelievable dining options (which range from delicious seafood to Italian favourites), exciting activities (both on land and in the cerulean lagoon), wonderful cocktails and bars, a tropical seaside spa and wonderful evening entertainment. Not only does it have something for everyone, it’s got a wealth of ways to enjoy special moments with the people that are most important to you. Here, you will create moments and memories that last a lifetime.
To ensure that guests truly have immersive, authentic and sensational moments while on holiday in this magical Mauritian oasis, Ambre has, along with the other Sun Resorts, created a unique and exceptional facet; their ‘Timeless Memories’ concept, which is made up of novel and distinctive signature offerings that, in Ambre’s case, are perfectly imbued with the unique charm of their specific resort. 
To gain a deeper insight into what Timeless Memories means to Ambre, we spoke to the resort’s wonderful Events and Sales Lead, Ankush Sungkur. Here’s what he had to say about Timeless Memories at Ambre:
Timeless Memories was born during the rebranding phase of Sun Resorts that started around June 2017. This was introduced in order to offer something unusual that can’t be found anywhere else, giving our guests at Sun Resorts the opportunity to experience “Timeless Memories” during their stay at our resort.
For our guests to truly live and enjoy this experience, the following ‘Passion Points’ were introduced in order to enhance our product, our service and the guest experience while on holiday:
1.    Sun Beach
2.    Sun Golf
3.    Sun Luxury Moments
4.    Sunrise Sunset
5.    Sun Mixology
6.    Sun Memory Lab
As Ambre is an adults-only resort, the last Passion Point (Sun Kids) does not apply to us. Each resort within Sun Resorts adapted the above-mentioned Passion Points each in their own, distinctive way, interpreting the passion points in different ways according to fitting concepts and themes.
Because the tagline of Ambre is “The Light Side of Life”, the signature offerings created for this incredible hotel were adapted according to this theme to offer guests both services that are complementary and that come at a nominal fee. Here are some of the amazing offerings guests can look forward to: 
SUN Beach – At Ambre, you can now find new ‘cocoon’ beds along the beach, that are available for a nominal fee, which guests can reserve through the dedicated beach butlers. When the guests reserve a cocoon bed, they are accompanied to the “private” beach area, welcomed with a cocktail and allocated a special cocoon bed on the beach. Here, the will find an array of magazines, beach towels, food & drink menus and a private butler at their service for an unrivalled and highly personalized service. While on this “private” beach guests can indulge in a relaxing 15-minutes foot massage if they desire, to ensure they get straight into relaxation mode while enjoying the Mauritian sun while on the beach overlooking our beautiful turquoise blue lagoon.
SUN Golf – Ambre hosts many golfers throughout the year so, in order to enhance the golfers’ stay, we now celebrate a hole in one by serving a cake to them after dinner.
SUN Luxury Moments – Always something unexpected. Each moment is tailored to the guests preference, may that be the soothing and tension-releasing signature massage (the candle massage) or a mouthwatering seafood buffet where they can dine with their toes in the sand (including bonfire and Sega entertainment) which is available with a supplement, or the complimentary gifts that are on offer to the guests (bracelets, beach bags, sunglasses, flip-flops). There is also a unique “couple cooking competition” experience—which is called Holiday Chef—where the couples can connect (and reconnect) in an incredible way while trying to achieve the same result altogether.
SUNRISE and SUNSET – Being situated along the East Coast, our guests are able to marvel at the dramatic sunrises every day. To enhance this experience for our guests, we offer them a session of Sunrise Power Yoga to revitalise and harmonise the body and the mind and to instil a “Zen-like” feeling the whole day.
To celebrate the phenomenal Mauritian sunsets, we organise a cocktail ritual once a week (which lasts approximately one hour) within the all-inclusive package, where a beach party atmosphere. Here guests can enjoy island living at its best with a bonfire, hot snacks (enjoyed from live cooking stations), a DJ and a mixology show for a little entertainment. It’s really very special!
SUN Mixology – Our barmen are dedicated to not only serve the guests the drink of their choice but also to give them an incredible and free show for their entertainment. We also place a little recipe of a typical Mauritian drink in the guests’ rooms together with all the necessary equipment and the “mise-en-place” for them to practice their own cocktail making skills. 
SUN Memory Lab – The novel memory lab provides the facility to guests that allows them to edit and print photos of their holiday. They can also buy accessories such as phone chargers, batteries, power cables, or even rent cameras, drones and GoPros.
While guests may not be able to enjoy all of these offerings and passion points, we ensure that they are at least able to enjoy two of these marvellous experiences (depending on how long they stay with us) so that they can enjoy these exceptional offerings and create their own “Timeless Memories”.
Needless to say, a stay here is bound to be absolutely magnificent and filled with unusual signature offerings that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. So if you are looking for the ultimate escape, where the hardest decisions will be where you would like to eat and what excellent activities you will partake in each day, then a stay at the all-inclusive, adults-only Ambre may just be perfect for you. Leave the rest of the world (and all of your worries) behind as you indulge in life’s finest offerings at this gorgeous hotel where everything is on the “light side of life”.

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