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Meet Naraindutt Puttee - Executive Assistant Manager of Ambre

May 27 2019

Sprawled along the gorgeous east coast of Mauritius, Ambre provides a sublime four-star tropical sanctuary for weary travellers looking for the finest island getaway. Created with memorable and stress-free holidays in mind, the all-inclusive option caters for a guest’s every need; this adults-only resort is perfect for a special couple getaway or a holiday with friends.

Apart from unbelievable food and drinks options, a stunning beach that leads to tempting topaz-blue waters, signature Timeless Memories offerings and state-of-the-art facilities (try a treatment at the tropical spa for a truly sensational experience) Ambre offers its guests a daily activity programme with a host of thrilling land- and sea-based activities. There’s literally something for everyone here. From lush, exotic surrounds to every comfort you could wish for, it’s hard not to love Ambre.

But on top of everything already mentioned, there’s another very special reason people come back to this wonderful, “light-infused” hotel time and time again; the exceptional staff and unbelievable Mauritian hospitality. 

Returning guests literally come back for an epic holiday experience alongside the wonderful people that work there, such as Naraindutt Puttee, the resort’s Executive Assistant Manager.

Mr Puttee

We chatted to him to get a greater understanding of his job and what makes him tick:

How long have you worked for Sun Resorts?

I’ve actually been working for Sun Resorts for 44 years! I started at the St Geran (which was owned by Sun Resorts at the time) in 1975 as a Trainee Waiter. When I entered the hospitality industry I had dreams of being the Restaurant Manager. I had high hopes and aspirations. I wanted to be a manager or director, so I gave my work my all. 

The director of the hotel recognised how hard I was working and decided to send me to a hotel school. When I returned to the restaurant, I told the director I would love to be the Restaurant Manager and asked if it would be possible. He told me to prove to him that I could do it, and in 1978, I finally became the Restaurant Manager. This happened when I was still in my 20s. 

From there, the next goal for me was to become the Food and Beverage Manager. So from the Restaurant Manager, I moved to Assistant F&B Manager at St Geran and I worked at the hotel until 1995. I then moved to COCO Beach (which is now Long Beach), and I was promoted to F&B Manager. 

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I start work each day at 7:30, greet my staff in all of the departments and then I do an inspection of the public areas of the hotel to ensure that everything is in order. Then I meet with the Night Duty Manager to know about the activities and events that took place during the night and find out any extra information that I should be aware of.  After this, I prepare myself for the morning meeting which takes place at 8:30 and is typically chaired by our GM. During this meeting, we discuss the activities and events of the day. 

Then I meet with my team to discuss the work plan for the day. I also make time to meet the chefs in the kitchen, carry out some more inspections, check in with clients, meet the VIPs upon their arrival and spend some time at all of the dining outlets to ensure the quality of food and service is high. Having high-quality service at Ambre is hugely important to me, so I ensure we are always doing our best. 


I also always make time for the staff, manage them and do my best to meet their needs. For me, it’s important to treat our staff the way we expect them to treat our customers. My day usually ends around 21:30.

What about Ambre makes you excited about working there?

Ambre is wonderfully different from any other hotel. Here, we explore a unique concept; to be all-inclusive and to cater to adults only. It’s a really special hotel. Aside from this, I love working here because the management treats me very well and supports me constantly. My General Manager always supports me and helps me to maintain my positive outlook, and being a very optimistic person, I think being positive is crucial. At Ambre there’s really good teamwork as well, we love to work as a unit, constantly collaborating in great ways to ensure our staff and our guests are happy. 

What is your favourite Ambre offering and why?

I adore our Timeless Memories offerings! I think they are fantastic and the guests seem to agree. Our Sun Beach offering is among my favourite because we have a beautiful beach (the guests love it too!) and the experience is truly magical. 

Ambre Sun Beach

What are some of the things guests enjoy the most about Ambre?

The guests really enjoy the all-inclusive concept, it’s so convenient to have everything organised for you and to be able to pay for everything all in one go. There are a lot of couple activities which seem to be very popular - because we are an adults-only resort, we tend to have a lot of honeymooners. Guests also love our on-site night club. Another of the things I think guests love the most about Ambre is that we have a huge array of activities (both chilled and exciting) and offers to meet the needs of all kinds of guests - this way their holiday with us can be exactly what they want it to be.

Why, in your own words, do you think your role at Ambre is so important?

Well, I have a lot of experience which means that the staff can always come to me for advice - I am really at the staff’s disposal. With 44 years of experience, I have also had the opportunity to work hard on my leadership skills and I strive to do my best always. I have stayed loyal to the company and been with them through ups and downs so it allows me to share my experience, intimate knowledge of the industry and advice with new staff members. I never stop learning on the job and I’m always eager to learn more and push myself to grow.

What makes working at Ambre so special?

What I love about Ambre, and about Sun Resorts in general, and why I think working here is so special is that the company continuously invests in their staff and their development. It’s wonderful for the staff members and for the guests who sure to benefit from all the investment.

What is your most treasured memory from your job?

Oh, there are so many special memories. Some of my favourites, however, are being able to meet my wife (who also works for Sun Resorts) who I am happily married to, and all of the learning opportunities I received. I am hugely grateful to Sun Resorts for everything I have been able to achieve and accomplish while working for the group. 

What do you think makes Mauritius such a coveted holiday destination?

I think people love Mauritius because it is a safe destination. The government has worked hard to ensure that the main tourist areas, in particular, are very safe. I also think the signature Mauritian hospitality is also a big drawcard for guests! We want them to have truly memorable experiences here!

What made you want to work in the tourism industry?

I actually originally wanted to be a dentist! But then a friend of mine told me to try working in the hotel industry and that St Geran was hiring. St Geran was a gorgeous, high-end luxury hotel so I was quite interested in the prospect. Once I started working in the industry and started to understand the industry vibe, I totally fell in love with it. From then on, I knew I wanted to follow a career in the hospitality industry.

What part/element/facet of your country are you most proud of?

It’s wonderfully multi-cultural and because of this, Mauritius is a very unique country. 
What ultimate luxury experience do you recommend guests indulge in at your hotel and why?
I definitely suggest indulging in the array of water sports and water-based activities we have on offer because our warm, beautiful sea is just excellent. 

What is your favourite themed evening at your hotel’s restaurant and why?

Definitely the authentic Mauritian Day, where everything is Mauritian themed. It allows guests to get a real feel for the destination!

Mauritian Experience

Are you interested in indulging in luxury offerings at this sublime and tranquil tropical haven? Then make a booking today or get in touch for more information. Ambre is truly a spectacular “home away from home”, one you are bound to never forget. 

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