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Ti-Bar: Ambre’s Must-try New Beachside Bar

December 03 2019

The words “beach bar” conjure images of ice-cold drinks served as you sit with your toes in the sand, mere metres from the sea with palm trees swaying in the background - beach bars are idyllic to the very core. But not all beach bars are created equal; some of them just have a certain je ne sais quoi, enhanced by an unrivalled location on along the shoreline, first-class service, chic decor and a unique menu offering a plethora of signature tropical cocktails, much like Ambre’s new beachside bar: Ti-Bar.
Located on the wild east coast of the island, the four-star, all-inclusive, Mauritius adults-only resort, Ambre, unravels along the white sands of Mauritius in all of its glory. Encompassing the “light side of life” this magical Mauritius hotel has been the backdrop for many a romantic getaway and unforgettable honeymoon. Known for its excellent levels of service, phenomenal beachside vibe and all-inclusive board basis (which includes select local and international alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) and culinary experiences at some sublime on-site restaurants, a holiday here is sure to be something special. And now, with their new Ti-Bar, arguably, even more so.
There’s no better way to spend a tropical day in Mauritius than by basking in the sun, favourite tipple in hand, as you embrace the calming effect of the sound of water caressing the shore nearby. Do you agree? If so, then this is what you need to know about this Mauritius adults-only resort’s new bar:
It has an outstanding location

Ti Bar at Ambre

Ambre is situated amongst verdant, exotic and endemic gardens that dissolve into white, powder-fine sands and into the temperate tropical lagoon. The hotel itself enjoys a fantastic location, so no matter where they decided to put the Ti-Bar, which draws inspiration from Mauritian taverns (complete with some barrel-tables) and which offers contemporary and creative cocktails - it would boast a sublime location. But there’s something special about seeing this bar, perched on the beach and overlooking the gorgeous and ever-changing hues of green and blue in the Indian Ocean lagoon, that makes it so enchanting. If you visit this Mauritius hotel, a drink at Ti-Bar is sure to be a highlight.
It offers a host of delightful tropical cocktails
There’s no doubt that at the heart of any good beach bar, there needs to be an array of exceptional cocktails. Ambre’s master mixologists have come together to create a truly sensational cocktail menu that is nothing short of mouthwatering. With fresh, succulent, tropical fruits, herbs, spices and (in some cases) the local rum, playing lead roles, you can’t go wrong with any of these masterfully created cocktails - balanced to perfection and presented with flair. 
We don’t want to give too much away, but you can expect creative, contemporary and oftentimes elaborate cocktails (with “daily specials”) at this bar that are sometimes even served in the fruit that serves as the core ingredient (like pineapple or coconut!). Some of the drinks at Ti-Bar fall into the all-inclusive Ambre offering, but the special concoctions made with imported spirits (such as Monkey 47, Silent Pool and Gunroom Navy gins) and premium mixers (like Fever-Tree and Aqua Monaco) to tantalize the taste buds, will come with a small supplement. 
The bar encapsulates the best parts of island living
The beach, tropical tipple, balmy weather and a trendy sitting area right next to the dazzling ocean at one of the finest Mauritius hotels, what more could you want? The gorgeous Ti-Bar at Ambre is the ultimate place to meet with friends (or make new ones), spend some time with your significant other or enjoy soaking up the gorgeous surrounds. While delicious drinks are certainly the order of the day, monkey peanuts are offered on the tables and barrels and there is a specially curated menu offering delicious local snacks (that come with a supplement). 
It’s a fabulous place to be when the sun goes down 
The Ti-Bar is a fabulous and hip “watering hole” and a great place to listen to some smooth tunes during the day. But as the sun sets at this Mauritius adults-only resort, the bar takes on a totally different vibe, with a live DJ that plays contemporary music as well as Mauritian folklore between 17:00 and 19:00. 


A nightcap and an evening spent enjoying the Mauritian-inspired music is the perfect way to end Creole Night (which takes place every Wednesday and offers guests a taste of the local food and culture) or the exceptional Lobster night (on Saturdays). As the day turns into night, the bonfire is lit, and Ti-Bar takes on a special ambience typical of a Mauritian tavern, complete with upbeat music, a live DJ and on certain evenings, even a little Sega.
Celebrate the essence of island living at Ti-Bar from 10:00 until midnight.
Interested in trying out this incredible new bar for yourself at this Mauritius hotel? Then book your stay at Ambre and enjoy an island holiday to remember.

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