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Wedding in Mauritius: Why It’s the Perfect Location for Your Important Day

October 25 2017

Wedding in Mauritius: Why It’s the Perfect Location for Your Important Day

Pinpointing the ideal location for your destination wedding is no easy feat, with the myriad of possible destinations to choose from, each with their unique set of advantages and disadvantages. But if your heart is set on a wedding in temperate foreign lands surrounded by tranquil turquoise waters and idyllic stretches of sandy beaches as the backdrop for your big day, a wedding in Mauritius ticks every box. Here are some of the top reasons why it’s a phenomenal destination for your wedding:

The fact that it’s the epitome of paradise

If your dream is to have a memorable setting for your big day, then the magnificent island of Mauritius, set in the cerulean waters of the Indian Ocean, is a superb choice. A wedding in Mauritius means having tropical lagoons and long stretches of immaculate beaches lined with palm trees right on your doorstep—which makes for gorgeous wedding photos. Nature lovers will be awed by the artistic mountainous landscape and national parks, adventure seekers will be suitably impressed by its range of outdoor activities, and avid shoppers will be thrilled by its selection of bustling local markets and sophisticated shops.
If you decide on a wedding in this tropical paradise, it’s advisable to arrive a few days before to allow for ample time to finalize the last arrangements for your special day, as well as to explore and revel in the beauty of the island. It also provides a phenomenal opportunity to unwind, relax and indulge in the incredible spa treatments available at many resorts—opt for one with treatment rooms by the beach where you can enjoy being pampered to the serene sounds of the ocean.

The incredible weather

Thanks to the subtropical climate in Mauritius, the weather is warm and mild throughout the year, which means the probability of having incredible weather on your special day is high. The seasons in Mauritius are divided in two; summer and winter. But even in the middle of winter, the lowest the temperature drops is to approximately 20ºC. The months that are said to be the coldest are between June and August, which are typically the windiest months too. If you have the luxury of choice, the shoulder months of May and October are wonderful options and are less hot and crowded than the peak summer months.

The Mauritian food

Mauritius is a colourful, multicultural destination, a fact wonderfully reflected in its culinary delights. French, British, Chinese and African influences are apparent in dishes that are rich with bold flavours and fragrant spices (and are utterly delicious). Many of the resorts on the island also boast excellent restaurants of varying international cuisines so you can rest assured that if you choose to get married in Mauritius, your reception dinner will be incredible, regardless which fabulous fare you opt for.

The ease of access

Planning to have your wedding in Mauritius is a wonderful choice for many reasons, but the fact that it’s easily accessible is definitely one of the crucial ones. Many airlines fly directly to Mauritius including those from England, Germany, South Africa and France making the trip far easier than having to take a connecting flight and arrive exhausted some 24+ hours later. This is also helpful information for family and friends who might be travelling from any of these countries to share your special day with you. Being able to hop on a direct flight mean you are able to maximise the time you can have revelling or relaxing, whichever is your style.

The legalities are straightforward

Getting married in Mauritius is fairly simple as far as the legalities go. You just need to ensure that you plan timeously, as most resorts request the customary documents at least eight weeks before the wedding in order to process them. If neither you nor your fiance have been married before, then you simply need to send copies of your IDs and birth certificates (which need to be reissued no later than three months before your wedding) to your wedding planner or resort. On the day of your wedding you are required to have two witnesses. If you don't have witnesses of your own, most resorts can arrange this, on request.
There are a number of other things you need to consider about having a wedding in Mauritius. For example, prior to your ceremony, you will personally need to go to Port Louis to sign affidavits and you will be required to bring the originals of the aforementioned documents on the day of your wedding. As English is the official language on the island, this is the language the ceremony will be conducted in, and all of the required documentation will need to be in English as well.

The choice of venues

Mauritius is renowned for the luxury establishments dotted across the island, which means you will have an almost endless list of superb resorts or hotels offering both luxury accommodation as well as your choice of wedding venue. And you certainly won’t be limited to having your wedding on the beach. In fact, you can often choose between a few suitable locations at the resorts themselves: from lush exotic gardens and secluded beaches to whimsical gazebos or a gorgeously decorated area inside the hotel itself—there are enough options to ensure you find a venue you love. If you prefer something more traditional, there is also the option of having your wedding ceremony in a local church followed by the reception at the resort of your choice.

The variety of wedding packages
Whether it’s an intimate celebration with just you and your beloved, or a large festive party with friends and family, you are bound to find a wedding package that caters for your needs. Resorts across the island offer a variety of packages to accommodate all tastes and budgets, so spend some time doing your research to find the one that works best for you. These packages ensure that much of the planning and ‘work’ is already completed long before you arrive, and that on the day everything comes together seamlessly, saving you the time and unnecessary stress of planning a wedding from abroad, from scratch and unsupported. These packages also typically include an experienced in-house wedding coordinator who will assist you in planning your wedding down to the smallest details, allowing you to soak up the wonders of Mauritius and to savor your special day, totally stress free.
The fact that it’s also the perfect honeymoon destination

Having your wedding in Mauritius means that you won’t need to travel elsewhere for a spectacular honeymoon. After all, Mauritius has everything you could possibly wish for, which is what makes it such a sublime honeymoon destination. Whether you plan on spending your honeymoon by soaking up the sun on the beach, indulging in a seafood feast on the beach, exploring the island or being spoilt at the spa, Mauritius is sure to offer everything you desire.

If you are interested in getting married in Mauritius and looking for an exemplary venue for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion, then look no further than Ambre. Our dedicated team will assist you with every detail of planning your wedding to ensure that this momentous occasion is everything you, and your guests, could ever imagine and more. With a range of wedding and honeymoon packages and excellent in-house coordinators, all you will have to do is sit back and relax while we put together your dream day. Contact us to find out more about the extraordinary wedding and honeymoon packages we have available.


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